CSAS is developing a Science-Buddhism compendium that could become an important resource for the development of mutually recognizable curricula in the secular Nepalese school system and the country’s Buddhist and Vedic monastic schools. As Nepal’s societal structures transform, the traditional scholarly institutions, which have for many centuries focused almost exclusively on religious learning, must change and adjust to the demands of contemporary society. Thus, when today an eight year old girl or boy enters a traditional monastic school system, they will over the following years be charged with learning and appropriating the contents of an all-round, secular education—along with the vast and complex philosophical and spiritual learning that is contained in the traditional models. For anyone but the rare genius, such a feat is impossible. Therefore, in order for the knowledge and insights that are carried by traditional Himalayan educational models to survive and remain accessible in the world, it becomes imperative that we rethink and restructure the contents of both traditional and contemporary educational systems, such that, ideally, the two can shine a dynamic light on one another.