Aligning Silicon and Cellular Minds

CSAS research workshop on AI, biology, and Buddhism hosted by Tufts University, August 18th-21st 2023.

Recent advances in neuroscience, physics, and evolutionary theory have been widely interpreted in ways that result in a kind of “meaning crisis”. CSAS believes that a deeper understanding of these disciplines (establishing a rigorous foundation for meaning compatible with the best science), and a willingness to communicate this outside of narrow academia, are critical not only to the advancement of progress but to the flourishing of human beings and other sentient life on Earth. Our challenge, then, is to recognize what is at stake in the pursuit of infinite progress, and improve functional narratives toward more adaptive models of the world and our place in it.

From August 18th to 21st 2023, at Tufts University, world-leading scientists came together with the CSAS research team to discuss topics of science that stand to transform our world as we know it. Please visit here for a selection of incisive and unique contributions.

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